A visit from Hideki & Junko Kobayashi

The last time I saw Hideki was at my 60th birthday party back in 2003 in Cambridge. Since then, we’ve both retired though Hideki teaches biochemistry to nutrition students at a private university near his home in Okayama. We failed miserably to visit them last year, but they came to Okinawa to spend a couple of nights, the second in our spare room. It was great to see them again, and it seemed like only yesterday. Here we are at Seaside Faculty House H:-

Hideki & Junko

We paid a visit to the Yomitan Pottery Village, sleepy on a Sunday morning, and to Nakagusuku Castle on Monday en route to the Airport…I was very taken with the cycads.

Nakagusuku cycad

I guess this is its flower? Or going to be its flower?